Vertcoin iCryptoNode Raspberry Pi and SD Card Combo

  • $84.99

iCryptoNode is the easiest and most secure way to run a Vertcoin cryptocurrency node on Raspberry Pi hardware. The iCryptoNode Software makes it simple to operate and secure a personal Vertcoin cryptocurrency node. Learn more about iCryptoNode security.

This combo includes all hardware needed to run your Raspberry Pi Vertcoin Node and our high-performance 64GB Micro SD Card expertly configured to get started immediately. The Vertcoin blockchain is pre-synced, so there is no waiting to download the blockchain.

Included in this combination package is:

  • Raspberry Pi Model 3B+ (B Plus)
  • Sandisk Ultra 64GB Micro SD Card pre-loaded with iCryptoNode Software and the Vertcoin blockchain
  • 5 foot 2.5A power supply
  • Raspberry Pi Case
  • 12" Ethernet Cable (White)
  • CPU and Micro-Controller Aluminum Heat Sinks (pre-installed)

Everything is pre-assembled and pre-configured, so there is nothing to assemble or install. Simply follow the included instruction guide to begin using your own Vertcoin node and prevent your Vertcoin transactions from being tracked and watched while helping to strengthen the Vertcoin network.