Sandisk Bitcoin iCryptoNode Ultra Micro SD Card 32GB

Sandisk Bitcoin iCryptoNode Ultra Micro SD Card 32GB

  • $39.99

Pre-configured with iCryptoNode software running a Bitcoin node, this Sandisk Ultra Micro SD Card is 100% ready to use - simply plug it in and boot the device.

IMPORTANT - You must have an external hard drive capable of supporting a fully downloaded Bitcoin blockchain and configured with the Raspberry Pi. This should be at least 500 GB. This SD Card only contains the iCryptoNode software.

This is compatible with iCryptoNode officially supported hardware only. Buy this if you already have an iCryptoNode with a different supported blockchain and want to swap out SD Cards, or if you have your own Raspberry Pi Model 3B+ and want to use the iCryptoNode software without purchasing official iCryptoNode hardware.

This Micro SD Card is guaranteed to have the capacity and speed to support an always-on, VPN protected Bitcoin node.