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Why should I trust the iCryptoNode company and its hardware and software?

iCryptoNode was created by real people in Boston, Massachusetts, USA - not some sketchy country by unknown people with fake LinkedIn profiles. All people involved in the development of iCryptoNode are real people that will not compromise their reputation in the blockchain industry.

Please see the About page for more information about the iCryptoNode company.

iCryptoNode is purpose-built to withstand multiple attack vectors. All updates to the blockchain and management software are signed by PGP encryption and verified before being installed. Furthermore, for the extremely paranoid and technical enthusiast, instructions are provided for one to build their own iCryptoNode device. All software, including the iCryptoNode software itself, is open source and auditable by anyone who wants to analyze it.

Please see the Security page for more information about iCryptoNode security.

Lastly, the company is built on an ethos of promoting decentralization, privacy, and the adoption of cryptocurrency. All contributors and employees must agree with the company mission and beliefs before working on projects.

Why should I run a blockchain node with an anonymous VPN?

The reason to run a blockchain node with an anonymous VPN is that other nodes listening on the network see IP addresses of nodes broadcasting transactions, just like with any other peer-to-peer network. This can de-anonymize you and allow an attacker to tie individual transactions together, even if the blockchain itself is anonymous (Monero) or pseudo-anonymous (Bitcoin).

Additionally, VPN's prevent your Internet Service Provider (ISP) or other agency from analyzing your traffic and determining that you are running a blockchain node. This can prevent aggressive actions to monitor and limit your freedom to participate in the decentralized internet.

Please see the Anonymous VPN page for more information.

What blockchains do you support?

We currently support Monero and Vertcoin, with more blockchains coming soon.

Is iCryptoNode "Open Source"?

Yes, our software is open source so you can analyze it and improve it. View iCryptoNode on Github

Can I use my own Raspberry Pi?

Yes, you can use your own Raspberry Pi. Buying products from this website supports development, ensures everything is configured correctly, and saves you time. But if you have a weekend and are technically able, check out the Build page to build your own iCryptoNode.

What is UCI?

"Unified Configuration Interface" is a tiny database created by OpenWRT for embedded networking devices. We use it for device configuration and state management using essentially zero system resources, whereas a full database like MySQL would be computationally expensive and overkill for our software.

Why lighttpd instead of apache, nginx, etc.?

lighttpd is very efficient and an ideal candidate for a web server on an embedded device. While I wouldn't necessarily recommend running lighttpd for a production consumer website, for iCryptoNode it's perfect.