Every iCryptoNode is an expertly configured Raspberry Pi. If you are capable and interested in building your own iCryptoNode rather than buying one from us, we support your effort! It will be a fun weekend project.

However, please carefully read everything on this page before doing so.


  • Use the exact hardware we recommend. We cannot guarantee iCryptoNode software and the blockchain will work on other hardware.
  • If you want to configure the iCryptoNode software yourself rather than buying a pre-configured Micro SD card, you must:
    • Be comfortable with a Linux terminal
    • Installing packages
    • Building software from source code
    • Have a general understanding of networking, cron jobs, Linux configuration, etc.
  • We cannot provide support to every person trying to configure their own iCryptoNode, our resources must go to customers.


Use the links below to purchase the exact recommended hardware on Amazon:


It is recommended you buy a pre-configured Micro SD Card with iCryptoNode software from our products page. This both supports iCryptoNode to continue operations and ensures that everything is setup 100% perfectly and minimizes security issues.

However, if you want to build your own iCryptoNode from scratch, please follow this guide on Github.

If you have issues getting the iCryptoNode software built and configured, please log tickets in the Github project or post on the iCryptoNode subreddit rather than emailing us. Thanks!