Our goal is to expand the adoption of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology to promote the decentralized internet. We accomplish this through hardware and software solutions that make participating in peer-to-peer blockchain networks easier, safer, and more secure. When more people participate, the networks become stronger, more resilient, and more valuable.

Core Beliefs

  • Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology are not and cannot be illegal - they are applied mathematics implemented via software and anyone can choose to place arbitrary value on these assets.
  • Technologies that enhance decentralization and reduce the power of centralized entities and walled-gardens should be embraced.
  • Everyone has a fundamental right to privacy.


James Seibel

James Seibel

iCryptoNode was created by James Seibel, who manages software development and operations. He is a known software and blockchain professional in Boston, Massachusetts. He has worked for Poloniex, Circle, and other top firms.

iCryptoNode was created out of passion for decentralized technology and the promise of a better future. We put our reputation on the line to do so.


The best way to contact us is over email. We will try to respond quickly.

Email: support@icryptonode.com

Phone: (508) 507-8553

Address: Jamesys Technologies LLC, (at Government Center) 1 Washington Mall #1047, Boston, MA 02108

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